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We produce parts for special purposes – both civil and military, made from ARMOX 500, ARMOX 600 a ARMOX 370materials.
Armoured sheet metalArmox 500T has excellent ballistic properties combined with high hardness and strength, while it is surprisingly easy to be handled in production.

Using ARMOX material in practice:

  • in banks – for partitions and doors
  • in mine clearance vehicles
  • in diplomatic vehicles
Steel typeThickness [mm]
Armox 300T3.0-5.0
Armox 340T5.0-50.0
Armox 370T 13.0-100.0
Armox 370T 23.0-100.0
Armox 440T4.0-30.0
Armox 500T3.0-80.0
Armox 560T5.0-100.0
Armox 600T4.0-20.0
Armox Advance4.0-7.9