About Us


WINFA, s.r.o. is a company that has been in the market of special metallurgical materials from 1996, offering a wide assortment of high-strength /STRENX, S690QL/, abrasion-resistant /HARDOX/, strong /WELDOX = STRENX, S650MC, S700MC/, armoured /ARMOX/, tool /TOOLOX/, metal cold-rolled strong sheets /DOCOL/, produced using high-quality Swedish technology.

Since 2000, the company has successfully operated in the production of spare parts, and since 2004, it has been a member of a global network called HARDOX WEARPARTS, which provides companies that produce spare parts, using their own capabilities and technology, exclusively using HARDOX material, with the possibility to export their production worldwide.

Our scope of activities also includes the renovation and repair of production units using our spare parts made from HARDOX 400, 450, 500, 550, 600 a HARDOX EXTREME. Our equipment allows us to manufacture customised products of diverse shapes in line with drawings and customers’ requirements.

Informácie ohľadne znečistenie ovzdušia Vám poskytne Ing. Brezovský na tel.č. 033/591 77 15.