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At the beginning we wanted to check whether we could manufacture a container designed especially for transporting scrap steel, which would be more durable and lighter than existing containers of this type.

The result are:

Ab-roll containers from our workshop

with a volume of 30.5 m3 and a weight of 2,388 kg, the resulting weight being approximately 300 to 400 kg less than that of a standard container.

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Made of special HARDOX 450 steel

The floor, walls, face and door of the container are made from this steel, in thickness 3 mm. Its resistance to plastic deformation under impact is approximately at the level of S355 steel, 7.5 mm thick. The same difference can be found when comparing abrasion resistance. Hardox 450 steel is roughly 2.5 to 3 times more abrasion resistant than S355 steel.

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Design improvements

Kontajnery 3 |

Reinforcements removed or reduced

In the construction of the container, all side wall reinforcements were removed (except the reinforcements holding the door hinges) and the lower (load-bearing) reinforcements were significantly reduced. This solution not only reduces the weight of the container, but also increases the resistance of the walls and bottom to plastic deformation during impact.

The increase in resistance by removing reinforcements sounds paradoxical, but the free area unrestricted by reinforcements
actually absorbs deformation in a more elastic than plastic way, and permanent damage to the walls or bottom of the container is thus reduced.

Kontajnery 4 |

Integrated top rim of the container walls

Another design improvement is the integrated top rim of the container walls.
This means that the rim is formed from the same sheet metal that the sidewall is made from. This solution increases the rigidity of the container and reduces the number of welds compared to the conventional use of thick-walled tubes and sections.

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