Custom production

Based on a drawing or a sample, we will produce specific custom-made products or a custom-made spare part.

We have more than 20 years of experience in processing special steels, which
can be more than ten times harder and stronger than ordinary steel.

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Get to know our production process

Machinery equipment

Our extensive machinery is adapted precisely to the hardness and strength of special steels. Thanks to this, we can make almost
everything you need from steel.

This is a presentation of our machinery equipmen:

CNC Plasma steel cutting machine | Winfa
Ikona lupa

Plasma cutting machine

Worktable size: 3,000 x 16,000mm
Cutting up to a thickness of: 100mm
with a perpendicular cut 50mm
with an inclined cut up to 45°

CNC laser cutting machine | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Laser cutting machine

Worktable size: 2,500 x 6,000mm
Cutting up to thickness: 25mm

Oxygen cutting machine | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Oxygen cutting machine

Worktable size: 3000 x 16 000 mm
Cutting up to thickness: 200 mm

CNC Bending press 1600ton 9000mm | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Press brake

Maximum force: 1,600 tons
Maximum length: 9,000mm

Hardox steel rolling machine | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Plate rolling machine

Maximum plate thickness: 40mm
Length of cylinders: 2,000 mm
Diameter of cylinders: 450mm

Machine drills | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Machine drills

Type: VR80, VR60

CNC machining center | WINFA
Ikona lupa

CNC milling machines

Worktable dimensions X, Y, Z: 2,400 x 860 x 860mm

Welding machines | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Welding machines

Arc welding in a protective atmosphere (MIG/MAG).

Sand Blasting cabin | WINFA
Ikona lupa

Blasting cabin

Cabin size: 6 000 x 6 000 x 4 000mm

Do you need a
custom-made product?

As you can see, we not only have the experience but also the necessary equipment to be able to make the part you need from these special steels.

Simply contact us and send us a drawing or sample.


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